A new device structure for the commercialisation of organic semiconductor lasers (OSLDs) was successfully identified and demonstrated with an actual device at IDW'23.

KOALA Tech Inc. is proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the field of organic semiconductor laser diodes (OSLDs). Our team has successfully developed a device structure that enables monochromatic light to travel in a straight line via current excitation (Note 1), a crucial milestone towards the commercialization of OSLDs.

This breakthrough was unveiled by CEO Fatima Bencheikh at the International Display Workshops (IDW 23) in Niigata City, from December 6th to 8th, 2023, where we also showcased a live demonstration of the technology (Note 2).

Our journey began with Kyushu University's pioneering work in 2019, achieving the world's first current-induced oscillation in an OSLD. Building on this foundation, KOALA Tech has since innovated organic lasers with diverse emission wavelengths using optical excitation (Note 3). However, ensuring that monochromatic light travels straight through current excitation consistently has remained a challenge, until now. Our breakthrough comes from meticulously optimizing the device's material composition and resonator design (Note 4).

The OSLD, building on the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology used in smartphones and TVs, exhibits exceptional directionality and monochromaticity—features not attainable with conventional OLEDs. This advancement promises to revolutionize the quality, efficiency, and brightness of displays and has potential applications in smart glasses, healthcare devices, and as sensor light sources, elevating the capabilities and value of OLED technology.

At KOALA Tech, we are committed to pioneering new organic optical solutions, leveraging our expertise in material and device design, and photonic simulation to drive technological innovation and business growth.

*Note 1: Current excitation: A method of creating an excited state by injecting electrons and holes from outside the device and recombining them.


Optical excitation: A method of creating an excited state by irradiating light from outside the device.