Job title R&D manager
Job description We are currently seeking to hire a R&D manager. With an expertise in the field of organic electronics, preferably with a previous experience in the OLED industry. The candidate will be responsible for R&D guidance, planning, and assigning tasks requested by the R&D plan to the team. The candidate will oversee all the R&D activities carried out by the team, monitor progress and adjust where needed to achieve the milestones according to the R&D plan. The responsibilities of the R&D manager will include:

- Management of a multi-functional R&D team of researchers, engineers and technical staff members with activities going from the development of new organic semiconductor laser materials to the engineering of prototypes and modules.
- Providing technical guidance and assigning R&D team members to tasks requested by R&D plan. Monitoring of the progress and adjustment of the activities to achieve milestones on schedule.
- Management and review of R&D team budgets and personal targets.
- Defining and delivering KOALA Tech’s products (materials, prototypes, modules).
- Providing support to the management of KOALA Tech’s IP generation and strategy.
- Deep consciousness of orienting R&D activities for purpose of business success with continuous consideration on how to embed KOALA Tech’s products into customers’ products.
Qualification requirements The candidate must have an expertise in optical engineering and/or electronic engineering and/or applied physics or related studies with relevant industrial leadership in the field of OLEDs or organic electronics, and can demonstrate:

- Leadership and managerial experiences in the OLED and/or laser industry with a prior experience in coordinating efforts across an R&D team of a few to several persons.
- An excellent track record and a minimum of 5 years of R&D project management with successful and demonstrable deliveries.
- Excellent interpersonal skills with a positive approach to problem-solving, strong communication skills and proven organizational abilities.
- A Master degree or above in optical engineering or/and electronic engineering or/and applied physics or related studies
- A good knowledge of semiconductor laser devices and optical science
- An understanding of organic semiconductor materials and devices and market requirements
- A good knowledge of IP issues and the ability to contribute to our management of the IP generation and strategy.
- Fluency in Japanese
Work location Fukuoka, Japan
Payment conditions JPY 7,500,000-8,500,000 / year (Negotiable depending on previous experience)
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