Job title Material engineer
Job description We are currently seeking to hire a material development engineer with an expertise in the design, synthesis and characterization of organic electronic materials, preferably with a previous relevant experience in the OLED material or laser dye research field. The engineer undertaking this position will focus primarily on the development of new materials for organic semiconductor lasers. The responsibilities and tasks of the material engineer will include:

- Advanced design, synthesis and characterization of new OSLD materials aiming at improving their performance and stability.
- Support the development of test and characterization systems for development and production of organic semiconductor laser materials.
- Work closely with the device team within KOALA Tech and other industrial partners to design and develop the new OSLD technology that enable the best device performance.
Qualification requirements 【MUST】
- Previous experience in the design and synthesis of organic light-emitting materials.
- Knowledge in the photophysics of laser dyes and organic semiconductor materials; understanding of the interaction between material and organic electronic device performance.
- Able to work in a result driven environment, flexible to change priorities and work with tight deadlines.
- Strong oral and written communication skills to interface with the different teams and solid documentation skills.
- A master degree or above in chemistry/chemical engineering/material science or related studies.
- TOEIC > 600
Employment and Work location Negotiable, Fukuoka(Japan)
Payment conditions Negotiable(JPY 4,000,000-8,500,000 / year)
Employment type Full-time
Type of work Chemistry / Research & Developmen
Materials / Research and Development
Semiconductors / Research and Development
Industry Manufacturering / Electric / Electronics
Manufacturering / Semiconductor / Photonics Device
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